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How to Create a Storyboard to Help Market Your Business

Content creation is a different ballgame these days, with videos often being a quick fix to your marketing endeavors. If you’re looking to take your marketing game to the next level, how's how to create and use storyboards for this very purpose, courtesy of Magee Aerial Media.

Visuals in Successful Marketing

In the world of marketing, visuals play a crucial role in capturing the attention of your audience. With the amount of content available in the digital age, the competition is tough, which is why we need to make a marketing plan that lets our content stand out. Quality visuals provide a fantastic opportunity to do just that. They help to convey complex ideas in an easy to understand way, build brand awareness and recognition, and evoke the emotions that will encourage engagement.

Content and digital marketing are only truly effective with quality visuals to support them. And once you have these visuals created, be sure to use SEO (search engine optimization) tactics to get them seen and your website rated higher on search engines.

What are Storyboards?

Often, a lot goes into the thought process before you actually create a video. When envisioning one scene after the next, it’s not only helpful to have these documented so that you don't leave anything out, but it also allows you to see how everything is going to flow and come together in the end.

Vision boards also highlight other aspects you might want to consider to make the scene more effective, such as what the lighting and background should be, etc. Creating a storyboard follows a precise sequence of steps that must be executed correctly.

The Basic Sequence

Now Novel notes that you'll want to start with an opener. This is what the very first scene of your video will be. Your opener should be impactful right from the get-go to elicit the appropriate response from your audience.

Address the Problem

The next step will involve addressing the problem. Don't be afraid to embrace maximum creativity here by emphasizing their pain points in an attention-grabbing manner.

Focus on the Solution

The solution will be where you showcase how your business can solve the audience's pain points like no other. You can really go into detail at this stage, as it's an opportunity to sell your business and bring what you have to offer to the forefront.

Drive the Message Home

Self-Publishing School points out that the last and final step in the process is to drive the message home by being direct about the action you want them to take. Through your CTA (Call-to-Action), you can encourage your audience to sign up, visit your website, or buy your product or service.

Benefits of Storyboarding

There are many benefits that storyboarding offers apart from being able to visualize the beginning, middle, and ending of your future video. Some of these benefits can include cost savings by not having to reshoot scenes; you can ensure you stay within your marketing budget as you'll have a more accurate sense of what the scope of the scene will be, and it can assist with team collaboration as your team will have a better picture when each scene is outlined clearly.

How to Save Money in the Production Process

Since the production of the video can tend to add up when you factor in the costs of having to hire a production cast and studio, it is beneficial to save on costs where possible. With royalty-free stock footage, you can complement the scenes in your video by cutting back on the videos you have to shoot yourself physically. There’s a lot of stock footage out there that you can use, including quite a bit that’s royalty-free.

If you do need original footage, look for a free location at which to shoot or look at home rentals for a short-term paid solution. Not only can you use the space for filming, it can also become a temporary editing studio as you create your content, which is especially helpful if you are short on office space. And Magee Aerial Media can help with any aerial footage your storyboard requires.

Simplify Video Marketing with Storyboards

As you can see, there are a lot of moving parts that go into the creation of a video. Specifically, it is the planning aspect of it all that can take the most time; storyboards can help to simplify the process while making it more outstanding visually as a result.

Blog Credit: Courtney Rosenfeld

Photo Credit: Dix Sept via Unsplash

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